Friday, September 14, 2012

Chris' Midichlorian Corner for September 12th, 2012

Welcome back Star Wars fans! It's time again to get your Star Wars fix. Today I'll be discussing part 4 of the current arc of Knight Errant, Escape written by John Jackson Miller, & drawn by Marco Castiello. The last time we visited Kerra, she had gone with General Yulan to Skarpos, where the forces of Lords Odion, Damian, and Malakite were in a three-way battle for the Helm of Ieldis, a Sith artifact capable of giving it's wearer incredible power. Kerra blows her cover and turns on her Sith companions when they approach the cave where the Helm is said to be, unknowingly leading Odion right to it.

We open on this issue with Odion overlooking the battle. He has found the helm and Kerra is his prisoner, but the helm isn't working the way Odion expected it too. He finds that wearing it grants him no extra power. That is, until Yulan pulls from the caves a locket matching one that Kerra possesses. This is a huge blow to her, as she knows it could only have come from her parents, which Yulan says he found dead. As Kerra falls deeper into despair, Odion starts to feel a sudden surge of power.

Odion realizes that it is the pain and despair of others that powers the Helm. Kerra's pain alone makes him feel like a god. He begins to use his power out over the battlefield, turning ally against ally, controlling the fighting entirely. As more and more soldiers die, Odion's power grows exponentially. Even Damian begins to fall under his spell, but flees before Odion can use him as a puppet for long. With the battle won, Odion leaves Skarpos with Kerra in chains.

Aboard Odion's ship, Yulan visits Kerra to present her with a recording of her parents explaining the power of the Helm. It seems that the Helm, channeling the anguish of thousands of people at once, can destroy all life in the entire universe. Knowing this, Kerra's parents chose to sacrifice themselves in an effort to conceal the Helm from anyone ever finding it. This thought perplexes Yulan, who believes all life has no meaning, and therefore can't fathom why someone would use their death to preserve life. 

This thought is interrupted by the ship’s landing. Yulan tells Kerra that he doesn't know where they've been taken, as it was Odion who set the course of the ship. Before they can wonder about this for long though, they discover that they have arrived on the planet of Vanahame, where Odion keeps the Cloister. This facility houses thousands of orphans, all isolated from the rest of the world. Kerra comes to the realization that harnessing the power of the children's suffering will make Odion unstoppable.

This issue did a pretty good job of setting things up for the finale. As it is sometimes said, the night looks darkest before the dawn. And things are certainly dark right now for Kerra and the rest of the galaxy. There is some hope though, as it seems that the sacrifice of Kerra's parents has awakened something in Yulan. What he'll do from here remains to be seen though, as Odion does have a pretty strong grip on his mind. Another thing remains to be seen, and that is how Kerra will react to the deaths of her parents. I pointed out in the earlier issues that Kerra's obsession with finding her parents was putting her at risk of falling to the dark side. Why then should their death's not push her over the brink and plunge her into darkness? Guess we'll have to return next month to find out.

Until next time Star Wars fans, may the Force be with you.

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