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Chris' Midichlorian Corner for August 8th, 2012

Greetings fellow Star Wars fans, I'm writing today about the 3rd issue of Star Wars: Knight Errant: Escape. Previously, we saw Jedi Knight Kerra Holt masquerading as a Sith. Working for Lord Daiman, she was sent undercover to infiltrate his brother, Lord Odion's forces. While executing her mission, she discovers that her long lost parents are actually still alive and have been forced to look for the Helm of Ieldis for Lord Odion. Risking her cover being blown, Kerra investigates the whereabouts of her lost parents, only to discover they had learned the location of the Helm- the planet Skarpos, which has just been conquered by Odion! Taking an even further risk, she decides to accompany General Yulan to Skarpos in an effort to beat Odion to the Helm.

Rather than jump right into where Kerra goes next, the issue instead begins with some backstory on why Lord Odion has such a rivalry with his brother, Daiman. Apparently there's a large fortune to be inherited by whichever brother proves himself to be a true Sith by conquering the most worlds. It's a nice peek into how Sith family and political dynamics work in the Old Republic. We're also shown the beginnings of Odion's connection to the Force and how he first started to feel pain from the existence of others. The implication that he resolved himself to the slaughter of all life in the universe at such a young age is certainly chilling and shows Odion in a much more menacing light.

The next scene only exacerbates this when Kerra discovers a massive chamber filled with orphans, who have been cut off from each other by their own individual domes. Their only companionship being their holographic tutors. General Yulan explains to Kerra that this is to produce a massive army of soldiers for Odion, completely devoid of all hope and ready to give their lives for him. Yulan explains that he once lost his children to disease, and it drove him to suicide. But before he could, he was recruited by a Claimer and told that life and death have no meaning. Latching onto this concept, he drives himself to become an ultra-efficient killing machine.

Kerra arrives on Skarpos amidst a 3-way battle between the forces of Lords Malakite, Daiman, and Odion, all of which are searching for the Helm. Upon learning of Daiman's presence, Yulan orders Kerra to search for the helm while he keeps the enemy forces occupied. When they find a tunnel leading to the Helm, Kerra quickly turns on her Sith companions, inspiring a cringe-worthy line reminiscent of the "we'll meet again" uttered by so many comic book villains past. Kerra proceeds through the tunnel and finds her mother's satchel. This fills her with such single-minded hope, that she rushes forward into the next chamber completely unaware of the ambush that awaits her. Someone has beaten her to the Helm!

I liked what this issue had to offer the series. It fleshed out 2 of the main villains very nicely and also gave us a taste of the consequences that Kerra will suffer by putting her personal interests above her mission. Her time among the Sith has changed her enough that she has lost her focus and can't see the danger around her because of her obsessive desire to discover the whereabouts of her parents. And it is because of this that someone else reaches the Helm first and takes control of its power.

What does this mean for Kerra and the rest of the galaxy? Guess we'll have to return next month to find out. Until next time everyone, may the Force be with you.

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