Monday, February 21, 2011

Episode 4: Hereville... is here.

The Comic Book Crew reviews Hereville by Barry Deutsch and discuss his refreshing new take on fairy tales. Crew Members: Aurora, Chris, Corey, Dylan, Keith, Nicole and Swan. Intro song was: "Mariella." Written and performed by Kate Nash


And for next month, we will be reviewing GB Tran's Vietnamerica.

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  1. Some random notes typed while I listened to the podcast...

    * Yes, call me Barry, please.

    * This is a sad thing to admit, but the main reason there are no cars is that I'm not good at drawing cars.

    * I'm so glad you noticed the word balloons. There are lots of things about my writing and art that embarrass me a little, but I take pride in my word balloons.

    * I didn't really write this for teenagers. I mostly wrote it for myself. I didn't know it was a kid's book until after my agent told me. :-)

    * Fruma and the Witch as college roommates: LOL!

    * Gittel was dressed exactly like the pious girl, down to the buttoned collar! But you're right, Mirka and Rochel didn't exactly fit into the tidy categories. I did the "different styles of dress" page because I loved it, but I admit that it doesn't have anything to do with the plot as such.

    *You're right about Mirka not being a rebel against the status quo; she's more someone who blissfully ignores the status quo when that's convenient for her.

    *I really wish I had space to show Mirka having school friends in addition to siblings.

    * I think "Hereville" could in theory have been a novel, or a TV show, or whatever. But it had to be a comic because I'm a cartoonist, not a novelist or a TV producer.

    *"When's the movie coming out?" That's one of my pet peeves, too! Not about Hereville in particular, but about comics in general; I hate it when people talk as if movie adaptations of comics legitimize comics. Comics don't need legitimization!

    * Also a pet peeve, a question that I've been asked too many times: "So this is going to be the next Harry Potter?" I love the Potter books, but...

    * Re: Multiple female characters. It was important to me that there's not just a single strong female character in an otherwise all-male world, but instead a world in which a bunch of girls and women really matter.

    * "She was instantly branded as a witch because she's an outsider." "She was also floating." LOL!

    * There were originally chapters, but at some point we merged them all into a single long narrative. You can still spot most of the chapter divisions because nearly every chapter began with an extra-large panel bleeding off the left and right margins.

    Thanks so much for doing this episode! The Crew made some really sharp observations. It was very interesting for me to listen to, and an honor that my little book was given this kind of sustained attention. I'll be listening to future episodes.