Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Episode 21: Doctor Muscles Journal One

The Doctor is in.
Chris, Derek, Dylan and Keith are back! This time they descend into madness to bring you a tale of fist-punching exploitation in the depths of Hell! This is "Doctor Muscles: Journal One" by Austin Tinius, Adam Salinas and VARIOUS artists. Seriously, there's five issues in this book and at least six artists are in here. There might be more. We can't be sure. Every time we turned a page it seemed like there was another artist displaying their European artistic chops.
We had a lot of fun discussing this one. If you enjoy Heavy Metal magazine and wish there were more books like it in the United Sates, then look no further! It's a great place to see some very talented European artists flex their artistic muscles... Couldn't help myself.
Pick up a copy of Journal One and see the madness that we speak of. Also, Journal Two is now available from Bogus Publishing at

This episode has been graciously sponsored by the wonderful people at 01 Publishing.
Be sure and check out their titles Crazy Mary and Utopiates because we will be talking to their creators in next month's episode.

If you order your copy of Utopiates from Discount Comic Book Service this month, you will receive a limited edition art poster. And if you are one of the first twenty, you will receive an original Utopiates page! But you have to hurry and get your order in by the end of May.

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Next Episode: Kabuki Episode B: Metamorphosis

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