Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Episode 18: Kabuki Circle of Blood

Chris, Derek, Dylan and Nicole talk about David Mack's psychological revenge story of an assassin's quest to take revenge against the people who killed her mother. This book brought on discussions of the excess of rape in comics, who we would want to direct a Kabuki film, and David Mack's polite convention manners.

This series needs to be read to be believed. David Mack is an artist that creates visual motifs only achievable in comics. Its themes run deep both in imagery and language. We did our best to point out just a couple of the many personal interpretations one can read into this seemingly simple story.

Theme music by Kyle Hilmoe of How to Make Swords.

Again, we would like to thank Josh Finney and Kat Rocha of 01 Publishing for sponsoring this episode.

Their new book Utopiates has been selling out continually on Amazon. We aren't going to take all the credit, but we will take some of it.

Also, Dylan was mentioned on the latest episode of "Wait, What?" the official podcast of the Savage Critics website. Jeff Lester gets the name of our show wrong, but at least he pronounces Dylan's last name correctly.
They're a pretty big San Francisco comics institution, and definitely worth your time if you're looking for comics news or another comic-centric podcast.

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