Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dr. Muscles Announces a New Series Format!

Bogus Publishing has announced that beginning with #4, Dr. Muscles will begin rotating art teams and stories.
While Stefano Cardoselli finishes up DM #3, we've got the next four artists lined up for DM#4-8. Here's a preview of Ignacio Vega's version of DM for a 2-part story, issues #6-7. More news on the upcoming DM artists soon! (if you want to try your hand at drawing a Dr Muscles issue, send us a link to your portfolio)

Bogus has announced Cecilia Latella will be the artist on issue #5. Check out her character sketch for Mickey.

 He looks a little more Disney, and loveable, but still perfectly happy to steal the shoes off your feet. Can't wait to see how she draws Dr. Muscles himself!

Dylan doesn't want to take credit for this, but he is very excited that the guys at Bogus have decided to take this route with such an awesomely iconic character.

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