Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Indie Spotlight #2: Firetower Studios

Chris, Dylan, & Keith gather around the laptop for a little over an hour to talk about the smorgasbord of webcomics produced by Firetower Studios. Listen to Chris spew good-natured bile!

New updates every weekday!

Mondays: Jeremy Whitley and Jason on "Faerie Sisters", a webcomic tie in to The Order of Dagonet
Every other Tuesday: Jeremy and Alicia on "Hot Interracial Marriage" a diary comic on interracial relationships, parenting, and life.
Every other Tuesday: Charlie's "Crazy Normal" a commentary and satire cartoon in one panel
Wednesdays: Jeremy and Rich's "Werewolf D.A." a supernatural legal thriller
Thursdays: Jeremy and Charlie's "Ennui of the Dead" a look at the lives, times, and melancholy of the long undead.
Fridays: Postings of pages from the "Order of Dagonet"

Both the Crew and you the listeners are rather lucky it took this long for us to review their work. All of these web comics have finished up their first storyline, so there is a wealth of strips to get you into their crazy world. The comics Firetower Studios produces are very unique, and we look forward to seeing this group as they continue to develop. If you would like to purchase the first trade paperback of "The Order of Dagonet" (which if you're in the mood for crazy fantasy adventure in a modern setting with psychedelic coloring, you really should!), you can buy it from their store.

We also discuss the wonderful world of comics litigation for about 15 minutes towards the end. The song is Feuer Frei by Rammstein.

We will be back in two weeks time with our Book of the Month Episode featuring VERY NEAR MINT by Justin Peterson. Stick around, we know you're all going to love it!

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