Thursday, December 22, 2011

Indie Spotlight #1!

Chris, Dylan, Keith & Nicole polish off a recording marathon with a 45m+ Indie Spotlight. A really special thanks goes out to Jeremy Whitley who graciously gave us several Action Lab Entertainment books to cover (Which we continually botch by calling it Action Labs. DOH!)

 We cover Snowed In written by Shawn Gabborin and drawn by Rick Lundeen, where five people find themselves faced with a monster they can't see. It's Lovecraft meets cabin fever (the mental state, NOT the film) in this fun little indie romp with moody lighting and interiors lovingly rendered by Rick Lundeen.

  Back in the Day written by Dave Dwonch and drawn by Daniel Logan, tells the story of three friends going back in time to the far out 80s to save their past selves from their inevitably boring future. Along the way tragedy ensues and the three friends have to set things right, and it's all drawn with Daniel Logan's slick pen. Definitely not like any other comic out there... IN A GOOD WAY.

  Vapor Trails: Chapter 1 by Will Strode, shows us a dystopian future where human's are caught in a battle between aliens and animals... maybe? He only has chapter one up so far, and what's there is hysterical and leaves you hungry for more!

Doctor Muscles #1 written by Austin Tinius & Robert Salinas and drawn by Andrew Whyte, where Austin Tinius gives us yet another classic sci-fi adventure like you've never seen before... Yet feels as familiar as your worst nightmares as a kid.

 And we cap off the night with the fun and frolic of Princeless #2 written by Jeremy Whitley and drawn by M. Goodwin! This book has not let the crew down yet! After the first issue seemed to lay out a pretty straightforward course, Jeremy Whitley manages to show you just how rich this little world really is, all while amazing you with the expressiveness of M. Goodwin's art. AND ISSUE THREE IS COMING TO A COMIC STORE NEAR YOU SOON!

The intro song is "Indier Than Thou" by MC Frontalot from the album "Nerdcore Rising"

And remember! Next month is Luci's Letdown by Marjee Chmiel and drawn by Sandra Lanz. Which we will soon be selling digitally in our online store for only $5! We will let you all know when it is available. Or if you're not yet down with the digital revolution, you can order a print copy from Marjee Chmiel and Sandra Lanz as well.

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