Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finished Unpacking.

We are finally moved over to PodBean. With all episodes intact. Plus, V for Vendetta is back! So listen to our early days when Dylan was editing the show with nothing but Quicktime Player. (Audio transitions? How quaint.)

Re-Subscribe on iTunes or Zune or Google or Yahoo or Podnova or Netvibes. We're not picky. Just give us a shout and let the world know how we're doing. It helps more people find us. In fact, don't just write a review. Tell a friend. Tell a friend's friend. Tell your friend's friend's dog's hairdresser's uncle's mom. She like's comics. She remembers reading them on the newsstand. She especially liked that Shield fella, he was mighty dashing.

Kind of a coincidence, because our friends at Two Cats Comic Book Store are also terrestrially open. You can watch their store come together on their blog, or just go see it in person.

If you happen to live in the San Francisco bay area, head to 320 West Portal Avenue and give them some patronage!

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